We collaborated with Australian illustrator, Karan Singh, to boldly bring to life each aspect of the Darling Square vision. From the bustling retail offering, to the sustainable modern workplace – all done across 600 metres of construction hoarding.

Through very considered strategy and creative direction, the result was a vibrant, exciting and interactive transformation of the Darling Square precinct.

The objective was simple – to welcome the initial 3,500+ workers and residents to the precinct by making its new vibrant and diverse offering come alive.



We created surprising illustrative activations throughout the site, including an impactful lenticular wall, amazing Tokyo style lightboxes, 3D wayfinding and eye-catching art installations. Residents couldn’t help but notice the displays and get excited about this new area.



The construction of Darling Square meant it was transitioning from solely a building site, to a place that people would live and work for the very first time.