We’re a nimble team of strategists, designers, thinkers,
doers, creatives, and everything in between.
Here are our key areas of specialty.

Brand strategy

At the heart of any successful business is a powerful brand strategy. A north star to guide effective brand activity. Houston takes an ‘inside out’ approach to this, ensuring the DNA of a business connects to its future potential. Our models allow for brands to be agile, yet also clearly defined and articulated.

Brand architecture

Our approach is focussed on nurturing and managing growth. We have vast experience in analysing and defining a business’ strongest assets, then empowering clients with the right market strategies to execute their business plan.


Houston creates names which are ownable, inspired and distinct. Names which resonate to a place, idea or truth. Names which speak to the ambition of a business vision. It’s a creative process and we explore numerous scenarios to find the one which is just right for the DNA of the business.

Place making

Houston has delivered on some of Australia’s most iconic place making briefs. Our process allows us to meaningfully embed the overall vision of a place into its final experience. We leverage rich insights and opportunities around critical aspects of the place.

Environments & wayfinding

We create impactful, engaging environment design, seamlessly extending the presence of a brand to all those who connect with it. Careful consideration is always given to ensure creative concepts are achievable, based on the production budget and timeframe.

Brand identity

Beyond the creation of iconic logos, we develop full brand identities. Identities which resonate with the brand’s positioning in the marketplace. We don’t do ‘matching luggage’. We create practical toolboxes which allow a brand to have dynamism across all of its touch points.

Brand management

Testament to the depth of our client relationships, we often play a central role in guiding businesses well beyond launch activity. We are primed to engage and educate internal audiences, brief external agencies and partners, or provide any other strategic guidance.

Internal/external communications

We have extensive experience in creating and executing campaigns which are deeply rooted in the brand’s ambition. In house, we offer some of Australia’s leading strategists, creative thinkers & storytellers.

Tone of voice

How a brand communicates is a vital expression of its ambition and drivers. Tone of Voice is an extension of the brand strategy process, drawing on Brand Drivers and bringing these to life as a set of pillars. We offer Tone of Voice guide-lining which is practical and effective in its implementation.