Workplace safety is paramount when you’re one of the world’s biggest construction and property companies. Yet for Lendlease, traditional safety campaigns were not engaging the target audience, and improvements in safety performance had plateaued. So they asked us to unify all safety communications with one creative idea that would resonate with their thousands of office and construction workers. Our campaign ‘Mums for Safety’ recruited real life mums of real life Lendlease workers to spread the word, and the message got through.

Winner Grand Prix 2019, World Media Festival, Hamburg.


Bringing an authentic humanity and universal humour, the campaign transformed work sites into an immersive Mums for Safety experience. By shifting safety messages from the voice of Lendlease to the voices of workers’ mums, it bypasses the corporate filter and goes straight to the hearts of our audience.


The Results

• 27% decline in critical incidents
• 13000 campaign asset downloads
• The most liked and commented on Lendlease campaign