An honour to contribute

The chance to help refresh how Australia presents itself to the world is the kind of creative brief that doesn’t come along every day. Partnering with First Nations designers at Balarinji, Houston were honoured to develop a truly unique graphic identity and visual language for this important project.


A rich collaboration

We recognised Australia’s Nation Brand as an important opportunity to showcase Australia’s First Nations creatives’ rich cultural history and artistry.

Partnering with Aboriginal-owned strategy and design agency Balarinji enabled the brand to thread together ancient traditions and symbolism with modern, contemporary design. This created a brand that draws from the past, while looking to the future; a bold, unifying reflection of modern Australia for the world stage.

A brand for tomorrow

The result is a thoroughly defined brand identity that tells a story that’s confident, consistent, authentic and instantly recognisable to the world – an identity to accelerate our future and redefine our international reputation serving Australia’s people, and businesses, for tomorrow.


The kangaroo’s story began in the Dreaming when Spirit Kangaroos crossed the land, naming the rivers, valleys and hills. The kangaroo is central to the identity of cultural groups in every corner of this continent. Songlines follow the ancestral journeys of the kangaroo, they teach each new generation the stories of Country