Charles Sturt University is in the midst of a large-scale transformation with an ambitious agenda set for 2022. A pivotal part of this transformation is a voice, identity and reputation project to future-proof the brand for success in a highly competitive category. This was an opportunity to champion Charles Sturt University as a credible and confident university brand, standing tall amongst its competitors. The key was to find a balance between a progressive, contemporary identity and a brand that protects and respects its heritage.

A new modernised coat of arms was created using elements from the university’s original shield. Three rivers represent Sturt the explorer’s journey of discovery along the Macquarie, Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers; a field symbolises the University’s agricultural foundations; and a book represents the University’s tradition of learning and inquiry.




The authentic humanity of the brand was also brought to life through photography and film. Shot in a reportage style, the stills and video tell human impact stories of real alumni as they go about their work making the world a better place.

Alongside the logo is a graphic language representing the ripple effect of positive social impact that Charles Sturt people are making every day. Using concentric line patterns suggesting movement and change, it evokes the can-do energy of the brand. It gives the identity a lively and active momentum to reflect the University’s academic, community and business ambitions.